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Our communities and our lives would be a lot less colorful without the arts. Whether it’s live performances, paintings or sculptures, the arts are a powerful way to connect us and remind us of our shared humanity and sense of community. Benefits of supporting the arts include:


Increasing happiness

When you turn on the television, read the newspaper or browse articles online, it’s easy to see so many bad things happening in the world. Art provides an escape from reality. Just experiencing art can increase your happiness, and participating in art increases happiness even more. 


Uplifting the community

The most diverse and beautiful communities have one thing in common, they support the arts. These communities are filled with galleries and performance venues to showcase their artistic talent. But the benefits go beyond just aesthetics. Studies show communities that support the arts also boast better civic engagement and lower poverty rates.


Improving education

Students who engage in art have higher GPAs than those who ignore it. They also have higher test scores, higher college admission rates and lower dropout rates. Additionally, most Americans believe the arts are an essential part of a well-rounded education. Despite these numerous benefits, art education is still inaccessible to many lower-income communities as well as communities of color. 


Boosting the economy

The arts employ 3 million people and comprise 4% of businesses in the United States. Non-profit arts and cultural organizations support the national economy to the tune of $60 billion each year. So, in addition to helping inspire the soul of your community, you’re also boosting the local economy.


Increasing tourism

We’ve mentioned how arts create culture, but we didn’t touch on how culture creates tourism. People want to visit cities with cultural touchstones and a thriving arts community. When tourists come to visit, they naturally support local businesses. Art has a broad appeal to everyone.


Among the top reasons to support the arts in your community include increasing happiness, creating culture and tourism, boosting the economy and improving education. The combination of business and the arts creates a dynamic community.