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No Money, No Mission!

Raising money is essential for the success of every charity because it’s their primary source of capital. Without that influx of funds, charities can’t do the good they seek to do for their given cause. This makes it important to have several different fundraising options available to your organization. Here are a few ways you can generate money for your organization and awareness for your cause.


Capital Campaign

In order to achieve long-term viability, many organizations organize a capital campaign. These campaigns are meant to raise large sums of money that can be used for brick and mortar or programming. Typical campaigns consist of two phases of fundraising. The first is referred to as the “quiet” aspect of the campaign where you reach out privately to major potential donors to ask for significant dollars that will fund the majority of the campaign. The second phase is the public phase and includes a wider general audience. 

While you can do these campaigns on your own, unless you’ve been responsible for a capital campaign earlier in your career, these are best done with the assistance of a fundraising professional or consultant. Your investment in outside support will result in a far more successful campaign.

Smaller fundraisers can be done on an annual basis. Depending on size and degree of organization and sponsorship, annual fundraisers can raise hundreds and even thousands of dollars.


Organize an Event

You can promote a healthier lifestyle in your community as you raise money for your organization or cause by hosting an athletic event. This can include walks, runs, bicycle rides, or another type of sporting event. Anyone can participate in the event, and they can generate capital for your organization by signing up people to sponsor them. Each sponsor pledges money under the condition that the participant completes the event. You will have to map out the route in organizing your event to ensure participants will know what will be expected of them.


Host a Fun Event

There are plenty of opportunities for you to raise money with a fun public event. You can host a dinner and charge a per plate price that will be used to pay for the event and raise capital for your organization. Other ideas include hosting a casino night, organizing a carnival, or putting together a wine tasting event for adults. Cookie sales and lemonade stands can work with children. You can research tips for keeping these events inexpensive to ensure you’ll keep a larger share of the capital for your organization.


Sell Customized Items

A great way to raise money and create awareness for your organization at the same time is to sell personalized T-shirts, baseball caps, water bottles, etc. You can find several different online sites that offer this service, but be sure to read their terms. Each company will take a different percentage of each sale in exchange for the service. A little research can help you partner with the company that will allow you to generate the most significant stream of income.


You can find many more ideas for raising capital for your charitable organization by looking online. Checking social media sites can help you generate ideas for new and unique fundraising activities. By looking for more ways to raise money, you’ll keep people interested in your organization and your cause.