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As a nonprofit, your annual giving efforts are crucial to enabling your organization to fulfill its mission. Considering budgets and the numbers you need to reach can be intimidating. Here are some tips to help you improve your strategies and set up your campaign for success.


Invest in Long-Term Relationships

Personal connections can make all the difference. As part of your annual campaign, reach out to past donors. They have already expressed interest in your organization. Thank regular donors for their contributions and ask them to consider increasing their gift. Ways to foster continued connections with donors can include offering the option to set up a recurring donation or offering “perks” based on levels of giving. Donors like to feel connected to the causes they invest in, so making their experience feel personal is a great strategy to ensure relationships grow over time.


Set Goals, but Be Flexible

Make sure the goals you set for your campaign are realistic. Do the research necessary to set up a sustainable strategy, including reviewing past giving levels. While you can develop a well thought out strategy, things don’t always go as planned. Be prepared to reevaluate your strategy partway through the year. If you’re struggling to secure gifts at certain levels, it might be time to change how you approach some prospects.


Go Digital!

If you don’t already have an online giving platform, it’s time for you to go digital. Some donors may prefer to fill out paper forms and send them in the mail. Other people find this approach tiresome. Digital giving is fast, safe and convenient for busy donors. It can also help you organize your data much more efficiently without filing and tracking all that paperwork.


Plan for the Future

A solid fundraising strategy that builds year over year will set you up for success in the future. Ensure donors have a positive experience with your organization. Encourage setting up recurring gifts. Take note of strategies that worked well. Another thing to remember is that some prospects who said no this year might say yes next year. Unless they express that they don’t want to be contacted again, it’s worth reaching out for future campaigns.


All of the tips and strategies above will help you maximize your annual giving efforts. In the end, investing in your donor relationships is vital. Your nonprofit depends on your donors, so making them feel valued will make a significant difference in helping you secure the gifts you need to carry out your mission.